Parents Left Behind

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“Our Mission is to support parents on their life-long journey of grief after the death of their child.”   — Dr. Susan Averitt, Founder

Listen to Susan Averitt share what Parents Left Behind is and how it got started.

Parents Left Behind began because of the tragic death of a child. Cameron Bobbitt was just shy of her sixth birthday when she was struck by a motorist as she entered a school crosswalk. Her mother, Dr. Susan Averitt, led the initial efforts to resuscitate her daughter. “It was apparent to me that she died instantly, but we tried to save her. I went from being a happy mom to losing my oldest daughter in the blink of an eye,” she remembers.

Dr. Averitt’s journey through grief strengthened her desire to “make sure something positive comes out of Cameron’s death.” After years of attempting to come to terms with that grief, she decided to honor Cameron’s memory by sharing her story with other grieving parents. On April 5, 2014, she gave the keynote address that launched Parents Left Behind.

Dr. Averitt’s simple retelling of her family’s response to the loss of their daughter and sister opened the floodgates for the parents and loved ones who came to the seminar. Bereaved parents told their own stories and found solace meeting other parents who understood their lonely walk through alien territory.

On Sunday, August 29, 2021, Dr. Averitt and her team of caring professionals will host the Joined on the Journey, the sixth annual seminar for Parents Left Behind.  This event is virtual and will be held from 4:00-6:30 pm.  There is no charge to attend and all family members are welcome.